Graphic Designer in London. Logos, Stationery, Packaging, Illustration


My name is Carlota Novo Gonzalvo, I’m a young graphic designer with a huge motivation to improve my skills, keep learning and try my best to get better at what I love the most. I’ve worked as a graphic designer at Nuria Carballo S.L and also at Unconventional London, and I’ve also done some works as a freelancer.

In the next pages you will see some of my works. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you.

Curriculum Vitae




Fictional album cover for the music band Passion Pit


Personal project based on my own shoes
Two illustration based on the idea of “things that you will never get to do” for a spanish fanzine called cosaszine

Carlota Novo Gonzalvo Graphic Designer T +44 7922 441668
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